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Winter/Spring 2011

Well it has been an exceptionally busy fall/winter and now coming into spring season. 

I have moved myself & my 'kids' (horses & dogs) to a farm in East Central Alberta and it has a wonderful set-up of buildings.  Previously a PMU barn it has two large barns and both an indoor & outdoor arena, so needless to say I am super excited about the opportunities that renting this facility presents me with!  At this time, I will not be standing an outside stallion this year, as I'll be concentrating on starting all my youngsters (now of age) and helping some friends start and sell their horses as well - watch for some very well bred colorful Morgans, well started under saddle at great prices this summer! 

I am currently planning a trip to ON - hopefully end of May/beginning of June, and will be heading for TX in July (currently planning on flying but would drive truck/trailer if delivery is needed), so this is your chance to get an exceptional horse delivered at a great price!  For the May/June trip I would be willing to look at coming home via the states so keep this in mind if you are in the MI/WI, OH/IN, IA/MN, SD/ND etc line of states! 

I only have one foal due this spring (out of CHV Celtic Colleen) but am hoping to breed 5 or possibly 6 for next spring, as there are a couple older stallions I want to breed to and don't want to miss out on! I wish each of you a safe, successful foaling season and hope you have a wonderful spring/summer/fall with lots of time to enjoy your horses.

Summer  2010

Summer is upon us, and I am waiting for a stretch of good weather to get my first cut of hay cut and baled.  This has been an incredibly busy year with a rapidly growing new business (see the  Talk SCENTSY to me! link at left), book keeping, foaling mares, selling & delivering horses, all the 'divorce stuff' and of course - hunting for a new home for my remaining horses and I to move to!

Intrigue's foals are all here, and as expected they are STUNNING - he is such an outstanding stallion!   I had 4 fillies and 4 colts - with a few splash and a couple solids, but most importantly all are outstanding in movement, type, personality and conformation. It is amazing how well Intrigue stamps his foals with quality and type so consistantly!  ALL colts are available to purchase as I'll be keeping fillies and am hoping for breeding, show homes that will promote this caliber of foal.  Please contact me for current photo's, prices etc on these colts, and watch the individual pages of each for updates.


For the horses/foals that are marked "For Sale" and/or "For Sale/Lease" I will consider trades towards assets needed for new farm (ex. riding lawnmower, arena harrows, portable panels), possibly livestock (cattle/goats/sheep - depending on location for hauling) and would consider breedings/stud fees, foals back, etc.  So if you see a stallion prospect, broke/started gelding, or mare/filly that you desire - talk to me!   Delivery to most states/provinces is easily arranged and I am planning a delivery trip to the US, for this fall (after foals are safely weaned)!   At this time it looks like I will be heading across Canada to ON, then dropping south into IN, & OH. - I'm hoping to finalize plans to do this trip around the end of October for good roads and 'middle temperature' weather.


Congratulations to:   Sonya & Brian Halliday of Crooked Sky Morgans, Dawson Creek, BC on their purchase of:

Snowdancers Wild Willow (Willow)


Pines Topper (Lacey)


Ammolite Hidden Gift (Charlie)



And Congratulations to:


Pat & Tony Evans of Cedar Lane/MDF Morgans,

Spirit River, AB  on

leasing Sailor for the 2010 Breeding Season,


and to:


Mel Hagen of Grande Prarie, AB on the purchase of Ammolite Topped in Gold as his working ranch partner and future herd foundation sire.

Ammolite Sailor Delight (with dam)

Ammolite Topped in Gold (Hank)

Winter - Spring 2010


Well - life sometimes has a funny way of kicking you in the butt!  After a few really hard years with my hubby (a city boy who it turns out -hates the farm) we have both committed to throwing in the towel and filing for a divorce.  The down side of this is a huge one for me and my horses, as I am having to sell this farm and look for another to move to and start over on.  Although disappointed to lose this place and have to start over, I have always been a goal setter, and as such I know I will survive the current challenges being thrown my way in 2010, and I will move forward to achieve even more; with my horses, a new property and a chance at a 'do-over' in life.  In the mean time though - I am primarily concerned that my horses are taken care of and my 'life challenges' are not allowed to harm them in any way.


As such I am willing to consider any and all offers on any of the horses marked 'For Sale' on this website.  Some of the ones marked for sale that I do NOT actually want to part with - will be available on free leases for a year or two until I can get re-established - these horses will be marked "For Sale or Lease".


It is of huge concern to me that my horses find permanent loving homes - as such if you are considering one and are sending an offer - please include some information about yourself and why you feel my 'kid(s)' should come to you! 

I am planning a delivery trip to the US, towards fall after weaning!  I need to deliver some sold horses - so if you are looking at any of the for sale horses - hurry, so I can fit them on this load!  We all know how expensive shipping has become, so this is a great opportunity to get a superb Morgan delivered to your door - at a terrific price!


July - August - September  2009

July has brought me the wonderful opportunity of hiring Liz Mabb of Trinity Equestrian, and Dee Lafluer, two wonderful ladies who have a great way with the horses, and are pretty handy too!  Liz has been starting some of the already broke (western) horses to english tack and started them jumping, and is also starting youngsters under saddle.  Dee is helping out as a general hand - and a great hand she is!

June, July and early August kept Intrigue busy. He has covered and caught 10 mares while visiting Alberta (10 for 10 - not too bad for an older boy!) and he will be going home later in August, or the first few days of September!


April - June 2009

MARVELOUS INTRIGUE IS HERE!  Yes, Intrigue has arrived in Alberta - he's now settled in and tomorrow will get to start meeting my mares!  Boy, were they ever happy to see him step off the trailer!  He is standing at the special price of $600.00 USD per mare while here, so don't miss this chance to breed to such a well proven, top quality sire, with a chance at Splash at this rate! 


January - March 2009

This has been one of the coldest winter/springs in over half a century, as such, the horses that I brought up from the Cochrane and Mid-Atlantic sales spent a lot of time in our new barn and really appreciated the fact that it's got under-floor heat!  My winter blankets and hoods also got lots of use, as they all had the classic 'sales shave' of bald ears, face, v-necks, they were well covered when outside.

February was a real roller coaster month.  In Mid-February I was ecstatic to be able to pick up Shermandell Moccuska (Cuśka) in Billings MT and bring her home to Ammolite Acres.  A big THANK YOU to Susan & Jason of Chargers Morgans for letting me purchase this talented moving, upheaded, gorgeous mare and for bringing her up from CA to MT to meet me! 

On the other end of the spectrum I had a really hard lesson on why to keep friendship separate from business - having to repossess 3 horses, one of which was in extremely poor condition, and has since had to be put down.  You always hear 'buyer beware, well this was a case of "seller beware"!




Fall 2008

Sue & Blues Big Adventure

This fall I sold two bred mares to Elnoresh Morgans in Vanderleek Hill, ON.  And as Blue’s lease was up and he was due to go home to Morning Star Morgan Farms in London, OH - I started getting shipping quotes.  But I felt they were reasonably high, and I had a mare that needed to come from MI to here as well, so I decided to do the road trip myself this winter and have a Morgan adventure!

So, I hooked up my ’92 Dodge Cummings (we affectionately call it ‘Old Blue’) and 6 horse trailer (set up as 3 box stalls) and loaded up Blue (PHPM Lords Gift of Gold), Ginger (DKKR Gingers Delight - shown above left) & Sugar (Snowdancers SugarN’Spice - shown above right) and headed east.  We had just picked up this 28’ Featherlite gooseneck trailer (I’m used to a 16’ bumper pull) two days prior to heading out, so I was pretty worried about whether I’d be able to handle it, especially for backing up as it just seemed ‘so big’.  My rigs’ size was quickly put into perspective the first night as I pulled into a truck stop to sleep and in the morning, found myself parked beside a Kindersley Transport rig that was a full truck trailer with a second full length trailer behind.  All of a sudden, my unit didn’t seem nearly as large as I felt it was!  I was still laughing a couple miles down the road, when it hit me that I should have taken a photo of that!   Sleeping in the truck had it’s advantages and disadvantages.  Blue thought this ‘hauling’ thing was great, to him it was a giant moving buffet!  He figured out the very first night that when I fed & watered at ‘bedtime’ (approx. 9pm)  that if he started to stomp and bang around at 1 am, that I’d get up and feed/water again, and ditto at 4 or 5 am….so guess what the pattern was every night after that?!?!  No one can ever say Morgans don’t show their character!  Seriously though – they always had food and water in their systems so they weren’t cold, and I think all three got off the trailer fatter and sassier then when they got on!

Northern ON – winter road construction crews had the highway at one narrow lane in a couple places, but the horses didn’t care!  


A classic view in ON, and PA - icicles coming out threw the seams in the road side cliffs.

I headed across SK, MB and took the northerly route across the top of ON to avoid the big hills and lake effect snow to the south, and 4 ½ days later I dropped the girls off at their new home at Elnoresh Morgans.  We off loaded Blue, I cleaned out the trailer and spent the night, having a great visit with Liz and her family, and had a chance to see her nice herd including her nice grey and palomino boys!

Then it was back across the bottom of ON where I stopped to meet Connie & David Chisholm and see the horses of Maple Leaf Morgans in Belleville, and a few hours later to have supper and a good visit with Tanya Ament of Paradise Ranch Morgans.   

Continuing west, I crossed the border at Sarnia and continued on to Ancan Morgans in MI, to pick up LaBelle De Versailles (ZZ Top x Century Flair De Lis), a hunter mare that Anne had acted as agent for me on at the Cochrane sale.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to stop and see any of the Ancan herd, as the radio said there was a storm blowing in behind me and I wanted to stay ahead of it.  So we quickly loaded LaBelle up, and I continued on and headed south towards Blue’s home in OH.  As we headed south it was warming up and at one point when I looked in on Blue – I was stunned to see him ‘all wet’ – then I realized all the condensation from the inside of the trailer was melting off and dripping on him!   The next afternoon we arrived at Morning Star Morgan Farm where I offloaded LaBelle so I could pull Blue off & re-clean out the trailer quickly.  I had a great visit with Wanda and got to meet her family, it was terrific to finally meet Wanda after all the emails and calls.  It was surprisingly hard for me to leave Blue behind.  He is such a sweetheart and has so much character, I’d really gotten very attached to him, and it didn’t hit me till I had to say ‘good bye’ in the barn and then drive away!   Somewhere during this leg of the trip – I turned over 100,000 km on my truck – yes, you heard right 100,000 km on a ’92!  We bought this truck a year ago in September and it only had 67,000 km on it, yes I drive a lot!

More driving and I arrived at the Messers, where I spent a couple nights.  First, I met their two Morgans then Michelle and I spent a day visiting other local breeders - seeing their stock as well.  You will not find better, kinder people then Michelle and Homer, they showed me true southern hospitality and will forever be trusted friends.  I’m hoping they’ll be coming to visit Alberta in July and I’ll be able to tour them around up here, to show them not only how beautiful our province is, but some of our incredible Morgans as well!  Ohio was warm and a bit muddy, good thing Homer can back up a trailer on slippy mud, or I might still be there!

From the Messers, I headed east again to the Mid Atlantic Sale in PA where a pair of rubber boots and an extra heavy duty raincoat and hat would have been really handy the night before the sale!  It was pouring so hard that as you walked across the parking lot, the water would run up and over your shoes – never thought I’d need rubber boots in December, guess I know for next time!  At the Mid A sale I ended up purchasing HVK Bold Ember (HVK Bold Look x Pinehaven Ember) a well trained hunter mare for myself, and two geldings to resell.  Flintstone Warrior, and Queens First Impression - a gelding who was RWC Park harness in his younger days and has won many driving championships with a Jr. at whip, many halter classes and is well broke to saddle as well.

Then it was time for the long trip home…and boy, it felt LONG!  I had left LaBelle at the Messers in OH as she was starting to get a bit stressed bouncing from place to place, so I stopped back by there to pick her up and so had a load of four for the trip home.  I cut across OH and swung out through IL, IN, and WI - this put on extra miles but it was so that I could stay FAR away from Chicago.  I went through it last year with a 16’ stock trailer and it took 3 ½ hours to go around the city - most of the time at 50-60 mph…starting in at 1 am, as suggested by a few people - so there was ‘no traffic’ to fight!  I cannot begin to imagine how people get around a city of this size for their daily lives, and for the first time in my life I understood road rage and how it could become so serious!  I swore I would never go through the large US cities like that with a loaded trailer ever again – so extra miles it was!

     I originally had a couple stops planned for the trip home to see some more horses, but the weather was getting nasty fast as I headed into MN.  It took about 4 hours to get through the twin cities (St. Paul & Minneapolis) in a snow storm so by that time, all I wanted to do was ‘get off these roads’ for the night!  By the next morning the worst of it was over but I chose to pass on the extra stops as the weather forecast had storms coming and going all directions, and I didn’t want to get caught up in one or delayed with the horses on.  The roads were actually pretty good for most of the trip, excluding WI and MN, and the extreme cold gave me some problems (with the windows in the trailer freezing) in ND, but at least by the time I got there the highways were re-opened after a major blizzard a few days earlier. 

   Overall it was a really great trip, where I got to meet some incredible fellow Morgan lovers, see a huge variety of Morgans and the produce of different bloodlines and crosses thereof!   Although after 10,240+ kms, I am glad to be home in my own bed and not sleeping on the bench seat any more, I’m already tentatively planning a couple more trips for 2009!




Ammolites MayFlower - Blossum

Sharelle's Cal-La-Vantage  - Cal-la & her '08 Colt

Congratulations to A & M (Sr.) Hormanzabel (AB) on the purchase of Blossum.  She is their first Morgan, with her color, athletic ability and temperament - they will surely have years of enjoyment from her. Congratulations to M & M (Jr.) Hormanzabel who bought Cal-la with her '08 buckskin colt by Blue (at foot) for their family, and future 4-H horse for their son.
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