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NEW PHOTO'S coming after all the horses shed their winter coats! 

Check back often to see updates & news!

Watch our 'Horses for Sale' page for upcoming delivery trips, and some exciting new colorful Morgans!

At the present time, the only place that gem quality Ammolite is mined, is in Alberta, Canada.  It is one of the rarest of gemstones and one of the most beautiful, its' iridescent colors glow with the beauty of the rainbow.  The colorful fire that an Ammolite gives off is unique to each stone so that no two are ever the same.

Ammolite is such an ethereal sight that they are use by Feng Shui practitioners due to their twin qualities of energy and peacefulness.  It is said that owners of Ammolite will experience great prosperity.

This is why I picked Ammolite as my prefix, it's beautiful, unique, home grown in Alberta & colorful, just like my Morgans!  And can you think of a better way to describe the Morgan breed, then energetic, peaceful (calm) and bringing prosperity to their owners?

Consider an Ammolite Morgan:

Energetic enough for the show ring,

Peaceful (centered) enough to be your families' trusted trail mount,

And bringing you true prosperity in the form of enjoyment,

with Morgan faithfulness and pureness of heart!

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